The address

Mrs. Lutgart Bullen

Westmeers 84


How to find my Bed&Breakfast?

From the motorway E17/E40 (exit Brugge / St. Michiels) :

You enter the centre of Bruges under a railway bridge. Take the roundabout direction "Centrum" and just before the tunnel take the exit to " 't Zand" and go right, around the new concert hall. You pass the entrance of the concert hall where the street descends a little and go right again into the "Westmeers" where you will find the Bed&Breakfast at number 84.


When you come from the railway station drive into the "Oostmeers", take the fourth street at the left ("Koolbrandersstraat") and at the end of this street go left again and you are in the "Westmeers".

From the railway station you enter the old city through the "Oostmeers", you take the first street on the left ("Eiland") and go immediately right into the "Westmeers". It is an 8 minute walk.



Map Source: Tourism Bruges